Our portfolio spans both commercial and residential building and land development services. 


Building Types

  • Conventional wood framing
  • Metal buildings
  • Heavy timber frame
  • Light-gauge cold form steel
  • Masonry
  • Post frame structures
  • Concrete retaining walls

Building Layout Design Assistance 

  • 3D BIM model and renderings
  • Building code review
  • Structural engineering
  • Electrical design and drafting 
  • Mechanical design and drafting
  • Plumbing design and drafting
  • Energy code compliance
  • Shop drawings 


Building Types for Residential Home and Assembly Structures

  • Conventional wood framing
  • Heavy timber
  • Light-gauge structural steel
  • Insulated concrete form (ICF) 

Home Layout Design Assistance

  • Home layout and planning
  • 3D BIM model and renderings
  • Residential code compliance 
  • Energy code compliance